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Prayer for empowering a God-Image

O Netjer (Deity) I inhale Your fragrance,

The god-making scent, the myrrh You

Inhabit in Your beauty, granting revival

To the senses and pleasure to the flesh!

You are seen, and You are unseen,

But known to all living creatures is

The breath of life, which You bestowed in

Your myriad forms.

Golden, I summon forms upon forms upon

Forms, my eyes seeking the Falcon of Gold

Who was with Nun in the secret beginning.

My hands can give birth like Nuit of the Stars,

My fingers, as artisan, can open the doors of

Heaven to receive the sekhem.

O Netjer I behold Your power, Your essence,

Your golden Ba, the visage like the

Falcon, Whose dazzling plumage fills

The firmament with lapis lazuli and


You are the shining countenance of gold,


You are the deep blue lapis of the beginning,


You are the green malachite mound of the

First Occasion, Tatenen.

Now, O Netjeru (Gods), I summon You to

listen, for I am as the Great Director of

Craftsmen, with the power of Ptah in all

My members.

I give form to the formless, breath to the

Breathless, and a new beginning to the

Inert substances of the Earth.

I summon the radiance of the Sun-God

As turquoise!

I summon the indestructible Ba of Atum

As gold, and the inexhaustible renewal of

Ra as lapis lazuli!

These are Your divine embodiments,

O Netjer, Whose forms are numberless,

Whose powers emanate in the infinite

Gods, Whose source is unknown and

Whose beginning is secret.

I have opened Your powers in these substances

Of Earth, and the Doors of Heaven in these

Metals of Heaven.

May this image open Heaven and renew the

Earth, for millions of millions of years!

- Prayer for empowering a God-image By Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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