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More Love, Enough Love

Why do we ever feel a lack of love in our life? Is it because people don't love us? Is it because someone we love doesn't love us the way we feel we should be loved? Is it because we need a new car, a fancy pair of shoes...more money? Is it because we don't love ourselves enough? I think not. When we feel a lack of love in our life it is because we are not loving enough, loving outside ourselves, finding a way to express the love we already feel deep down inside. When we keep it bottled up with negative emotions and want, then that love becomes stale and we feel we want more... MORE!

When we find the Netjer, the Deity, and reach inside creation to find the Netjeru-Gods, we find the ultimate source of love that can never be exhausted. New cars can be exciting. A new pair of shoes can make us feel sexy and important. Money isn't a bad thing when used wisely. However, the finite things of this world are just that, finite. Eventually they are going to fall apart and go away. It is the Gods that remain, long after our new car loses its fantastic shine!

I find that when I wake up in the morning and my knees hit the floor in front of our shrine, I feel that source of love inside me growing outward, and filling me up. Love for and from the Gods cannot be exhausted. It cannot be spent, played out, or lose its shine. It continues to grow each time we light a candle, make an offering, pour out a libation. Especially when we call out the names of the Gods, we are not just invoking Them, but manifesting Their actual essence through the vibration of language, which itself is a direct manifestation of the Sacred.

The more we come close to the Gods in a tangible, immediate way, the more we feel a love that is permanent and substantial. We can use this love to enjoy the world we live in much more fully. We can see everything that fills up our world as the play of the Divine, and we can see the Gods acting through it. When we come into this kind of understand, then we will never feel completely alone again. We experience the Sacred fully and deeply, and our very life as the incarnation of the Netjer, the Great Divine.


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