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Lioness of Gold

On November 11, 2021, First Quarter Moon Day, the gilding of the Akem-Shield of Sekhmet the Eye of Ra and Mistress of Heaven was completed at high noon. I used the brightest 22kt yellow gold for all the principal areas to receive precious metal, followed by 23kt red gold for the main portions of the broad falcon-terminal collar of the Goddess, and certain glyphs whose coloration is usually red. A very minimal use of pure platinum was used to represent the holiness of white on two glyphs.

Though the application of the gilding is itself a stressful and laborious process, the following process is just as strenuous, for I must now use a small sewing needle to clean up the edges of the gilding where the gilding size (or adhesive) ran ever so slightly over the areas to receive precious metal, causing the edges of the gold to be uneven. All of these areas must be carefully addressed, and any minor touchups of gilding applied to remedy minute holes in the gold. The gold must then be burnished to optimize its luster.


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