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Honoring Anpu Lord of Natron

O Anpu, Lord of the Sacred West,

open the Doors of Heaven,

and open your mouth in the

presence of the West!

Homage to You, Lord of Natron,

whose scent is the scent of the

First Occasion, whose breath

brings life to the one who inhales it.

Make the giving of life, O Lord

for the one who sleeps,

make a path in the Sacred West

for the one who has journeyed forth.

Open your mouth, O Anpu,

and may my mouth be opened

by that tool of heavenly iron

by which Ptah opened up the

mouths of all the Gods.

May You in your leopard skin

place your powers upon my shoulders,

your breath in my nostrils,

your terror in my hands.

You breathe, O Anpu, and I breathe!

You take your seat in the Wedjat Eye, O Anpu,

and I too am seated in the Wedjat Eye

at the hour of its filling!

You sit upright, O Anpu, and I am erect,

never impotent, never weary like the


Homage to You, O Anpu the Lord of Natron!

Your purity is the purity of the Nine Gods,

whose sweat composes me, whose brows flare

with power over my flesh and my members!

I stand in the Sea of Reeds, rejuvenated

from the efflux of your body,

and what dwells in the Gods dwells

within me.

All praise to You, Anpu, Lord of the Sacred Land,

Dweller Upon His Mount and Foremost of the


-Prayer honoring Anpu Lord of Natron

by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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