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Homage to Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky

Homage to You, Hwt-Her, Lady of Life,

Enveloped in turquoise with the lotus

as your diadem!

O Golden Lady, how can men approach you?

How can the Gods behold your glory,

shining as electrum in the Eastern heaven.

To look upon You is to be blinded

by the fire of your body, casting the

shadow of the Sun as that Great Cobra Goddess.

The Sun's light does not reveal your completeness,

Though your embodiment is the circuit of the

Wedjat Eye in its time;

it is unknowable, and the Gods cannot fathom

your strides across the Imperishable Stars.

O Goddess, the Mistress of the Sky,

how fair is your countenance,

how dazzling your lips,

your eyes of green malachite,

your eyebrows like the iridescent plumage

of the Sacred Falcon.

How He comes to you, erect upon His perch,

His lofty standard shining with your love.

He embraces you, the One of the Two Horizons,

His two wings not spanning the length of your

divine body.

Smitten, the Lord of Valor becomes yours,

as you, the long-legged Goddess, cause the

faces of the Gods to be turned away,

Ensnared by your beauty.

Homage to You, O Lady of Love

who bestows rapture by the very sight of Her,

whose body challenges the Sun for His light,

whose Father is born through Her,

whose brother becomes the Lord of the Earth

by way of Her thighs!

You, O Hwt-Her, are the sovereign Mistress

before whom the Gods submit their powers.

Mysterious One, who in secret gives birth

to the Sun in His moment of becoming.

Let me, too, come near to You in the hour

of your rising, when in shards of turquoise

your face becomes the illumination of the


May my two eyes behold You,

may my ears hear the shaking of your papyrus reeds,

may my nose inhale the intoxication of your lotus-fragrance,

and may I be one of those in your entourage

who lives forever on account of You.

- From the Hymns of Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky

By Master Iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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