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Encircled By Her Enchantments

"O my Goddess, greatest in Your name of Sekhmet the Eye of Ra, Mistress of Heaven, the Great Enchantress Who Incinerates the Rebels. I place myself on the earth before You, I kiss the ground, I am counted among Your living servants, encircled by Your enchantments!"

Work continues slowly and diligently on the building of reliefs on the Akem-Shield of Sekhmet Who Incinerates the Rebels. This is admittedly the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of my entire process, being that gesso is a painfully difficult medium to control when the size and detail of the work at hand is so intricate and must be precise, flawless.

The head of the Goddess has now been constructed, with sharp mane details and muzzle lines developed, together with pronounced cheekbones and cosmetic lines of the eye and eyebrow. As the destructive, vengeful aspect of the Eye of Ra, this emanation of Sekhmet appears with a noticeably downturned mouth which emphasizes Her rage against those who make themselves enemies of the Gods. But She is also protective and a source of magical security for those who abide in Ma'at. She comes to surround Her retinue with the Heka (Magic) of purifying fire that will consume those forces that attack the just, and this Akem-Shield will house a portion of that awesome power aimed at safeguarding the community of those who serve the Netjeru of Kemet.


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