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Colors For A Goddess

There are colors applied to my icons that are never seen by the human eye, and yet play an important role in how the completed image reads to a viewer. These are the bole colors, under painting applied to the bas-reliefs prior to the application of shellac and precious metal. Non-gilders might not be aware of the extreme thinness of gold leaves, which are several times thinner than a human hair, and actually permit light to show through the metal. Therefore, surfaces to be gilded need to be colored first in order to provide further depth and warmth to the gold on top, otherwise the gold can appear more matte than lustrous. Bole colors can provide a richness to the precious metal once it is applied.

However, there are sacred functions to each aspect of a cult image, and that very much includes each aspect of the materials and processes utilized in the birthing of the image. Colors are synonymous with divine aspects undertaken by the Gods as They manifest through the material world, each color linked to qualities that provide the magic of aliveness to a divine image. The bole colors clothing the image are conductors of the divine qualities since the Gods are attracted to them, and Their powers- the Powers of the Gods- come to be channeled through them. In ancient times both yellow and red ochre were used on two-dimensional images to indicate the presence of gold (divinity) and dynamic functions such as defensiveness, protection, and vitality. To place these colors on the images of the Gods is to draw these qualities into and through the image, providing a blueprint for the manifestation of the Deity within sacred space.

I am currently completing the bole colors on the Akem-Shield of Sekhmet the Eye of Ra and Mistress of Heaven in preparation for the next phase of shellac sealing and gilding with 22kt yellow gold and 23kt rose gold. Very soon our Goddess, the Daughter and Eye of Ra, will gleam with that precious metal through which the solar Gods are realized in material form. Theirs is flesh of gold shining like the sun, and Theirs are colors of gold and sun, dazzling the eyes and warming the skin with sacred life.


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