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Being born through the womb of Hwt-Her

O Goddess, Hwt-Her,

What light heaven has

Belongs to You.

O Divine Hand,

Mansion of the Falcon!

In the east, where You dazzle,

Giving birth to the beetle

Of scintillating armor;

In the west, where the tips

Of your golden horns

Welcome the spirits of

The Blessed Dead.

Homage to You, Hwt-Her!

Mistress of Turquoise,

From whose glittering limbs

Ra in the vault draws pleasure,

Between whose loins

The face of the sun emerges.

Dawn, beckoning, shining with joy,

Your face captivates the eyes of the Gods,

Whose heads are turned in your

Eastern direction.

Lapis lazuli, your hair,

A token of the Sun-God's glory.

The curves of your muscles and sinews

Shifting beneath a gown woven of

Transparent illumination.

Your mandrake lips, your honey breath,

Leaving all gods breathless,

And bestowing the breath of life

To humankind.

O Goddess, Hwt-Her,

Enwrapped by the falcon wings

Of your beloved,

Whose name your womb enshrines;

Heru, His ardor finds fulfillment

Within your house of rosy flesh.

Homage to You, Hwt-Her!

Mistress of Heaven who renews

The foreign lands,

Whose deft fingers draw out

From the earth all that is precious.

Decorated with the turquoise light

Of the sun, its rays find You,

Its magnificence crowns You

Like a royal diadem,

Shooting forth the awesome terror

Of the Cobra Goddess.

O Hwt-Her, your music resounds

Throughout the expanse of the vault,

Awakening the sleepers,

Giving eternal life to the well-provisioned

Spirits, who find their home in your

Indestructible beauty.

May your light touch my face.

May it awaken the Gods.

May your grace adorn the earth,

Renewed by the power of your love.

May I find a home in your womb,

So that I, like the Ancestors,

May be birthed as the eternally shining

Sun, like Ra, to live forever in the

Ark of Millions.

O Hwt-Her, O Goddess,

Mistress of Turquoise!

Your feet stride softly,

Providing a mirror of golden light

To those twilight dwellers,

To those who abide in the outer darkness.

Ra Himself comes into being

Through your womanhood,

As do all living beings,

Who draw strength from your body

Like the earth from the sky.

-Prayer for being born through the womb of Hwt-Her

By Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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