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Adoration of Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land

Adoration of Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land

when He comes from the Beautiful West

by the artisan Ptahmassu, beloved of Ptah.

He says:

Homage to You, Anpu, Forerunner of the

House of Ausir, Foremost of the Westerners

whose coming forth predicts the day

following after the night.

O Dread Lord, terror of millions,

fear of You possesses the hearts

of those enemies of Ausir Wennefer,

and their blood has watered the earth

on the day of the Haker-Festival.

It brings joy to your heart to see

the rebellious punished,

your seat upon the mount

being raised upon their bones.

O Anpu tepi-dju-ef, He Who is Upon

His Mountain, the Nine Bows submit

to your hand, Ma'at acclaims You,

the Two Banks are reconciled before

your feet, and the Sacred Land

makes a welcome of the Blessed

in your holy presence.

Homage to You, Anpu khenty sekh-netjer,

O Anpu Foremost of the Divine Booth!

The Place of Purification draws the

Blessed to your waters, where the Wedjat Eye

is filled, where the Bleary Eye regains its

sight, where Wennefer is healed and His seat

elevated within the Duat.

O Head of the West, wherein are renewed

the forms of Ausir, whose limbs are

unfettered by You, who becomes the

Seat of the Eye through your power,

where Ra is reborn by way of your

purifications in the East.

Come Anpu, Lord of the Hidden Land,

take up your skin in your name of

Imy-uwt, He Who is in the Wrappings;

wherefore the Weary One is filled

with seed, wherefore He, Wennefer,

is transformed into the Sovereign of

the West.

Likewise, all those weary ones are

filled with life,

through You they come forth by day

as dwellers in the light.

The well-equipped Spirits salute You,

the Effective Ones hail your potency,

while those enemies of the Netjeru (Gods)

are united with the slaughter block

by your silvery claws.

Homage to You, O Anpu of the Hidden Chamber.

Your place of coming forth is the Door of the

West, shinning, blinding, making a body of

light from the shade, opening the way for

those who follow after You.

Hear these, my words, O Lord of the Sacred Land,

and may I be one of those counted amongst

your entourage, going in, coming out,

and glittering as the indestructible Spirit

of the day.

- Hymn to Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land

to celebrate the initiation of a cult image in His name

by Master Iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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