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A Prayer to summon love in the name of the Goddess Hwt-Her

O Golden One, the Hand of the God,

Hwt-Her, within Whose house the ardor

Of the Falcon arises!

Mountains in the West open their portals

Upon hearing the sweetness of Your voice,

The Sun coming home again, alighting

On the noble perch, swathed in the

Turquoise beams of Your sacred body.

O Hand, blushing cheek, honey lips,

Tresses of blue-black like real lapis lazuli;

Yours is the countenance that ensnares

The hearts of gods, Whom Ptah the

Beautiful of Face cherishes.

O Star, sweet bovine, the Ark of the Sky-Lord,

There is no remedy for a man who holds

Fast to Your scent, when breezes like the

Northern gust take heart and eyes with

Sudden delight.

Hwt-Her, the very body of the God, Whose

Dazzling plumage shines in Your Sun,

Whose eyes are ruled by Your eye,

Whose nobility is the power of Your loins,

Whose beauty is the mirror of Your love.

O Holy Lady, Mistress of the Western Mountain,

I call You to come in Your glory, bestowing the

Boon of love, the favors of Your Lord, Whose

House on high is the House of Your golden


Hwt-Her, the sweet essence, the fire, the Eye of Ra,

Appear not in Your terror but in Your beauty, come,

Enchant the heart with goodness, and make of my

Flesh a vessel for the miracle of Your love!

-Prayer to summon love in the name of the Goddess Hwt-Her

By Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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