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A Goddess of Retribution Rises

The second Akem-Shield of Sekhmet- the Akem-Shield of Sekhmet Who Incinerates the Rebels- is currently in the phase of having Her bas-reliefs built up using liquid gesso. This is the longest, most painstaking part of my process, yet one that delivers the rich reward of seeing the Deity rise up from the wood panel and become a three-dimensional form. Here is the image of Sekhmet as the wrathful and destructive Eye of Ra, the Punisher sent out to destroy the enemies of the Gods. This is the Great Goddess Sekhmet as the ferocious embodiment of divine justice, the upholder of Ma'at. Yet Sekhmet heals and defends those who stand with the Gods and Their justice, and such ones needn't fear Her terrible anger. This Akem-Shield is being commissioned against attacks by those who hate the Gods and Their traditions, and embodies the powers of the Goddess Who grants Her shield of protection to honest servants of the Gods.


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