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Reaction To The U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade Decision

(Posted to Twitter on June 25, 2022). I grew up recognizing America as a world leader in Democratic values, civil rights, and progressive values, but I no longer recognize that America when in so short a time we've defeated democracy and civil liberties and have gone to war against ourselves.

The day when women can no longer have autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive rights sounds the alarm that America no longer upholds democracy and is, in fact, a theocratic nation where the separation of church and state no longer prevails.

Never in my life did I consider that America could reach so low and hand over its fundamental values so easily. What example do we serve for the free world now? Unfortunately this is just the beginning of our fast decline into a conservative prison.

As for myself, I believe what I have always believed, that women have the fundamental right to decide what happens to their bodies and to make their own choices concerning conception and reproduction. This is a basic human right, one which should be universally protected.

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