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Polytheist Art By Numen Arts & INDICA

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of joining LO, creative visionary and founder of Numen Arts, for an energetic dialogue on some of the aims and ideals of polytheist art during the INDICA-sponsored conference Polytheisms Today & Tomorrow. I am deeply grateful to INDICA founder Hari Kiran Vadlamani, whose passion for art and philosophy, and commitment to having polytheistic voices heard on a wider forum, has launched this groundbreaking conference, and given birth to a virtual art gallery highlighting the sacred works of polytheist artists of the Numen Arts collective.

Available for entry through December 20, 2021, this gallery is a presentation of some of the strongest voices in polytheist art today, including award-winning and Blake Prize nominated Kemetic artist Setken. Here are the voices of artists who are living polytheism as part of a dynamic and ongoing dialogue between the Gods and humankind, and what this art demonstrates is the tenacity and diversity of that conversation, which has never been silenced and continues to evolve in both scope and proliferation of forms. It is truly my honor to have my work displayed in the company of such gifted creators, all of whom I esteem as peers in the polytheist art community.

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