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Polytheisms Today & Tomorrow

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I am honored and thrilled to announce my participation in a truly groundbreaking event, the INDICA-sponsored conference on Polytheisms Today & Tomorrow. This event- a first of its kind- will bring together scholars, philosophers, artists, authors, representatives, and practitioners of indigenous polytheistic traditions and Western polytheistic revivals in a global online forum for the presentation of papers and dialogues on polytheism. I will be speaking as part of the Numen Arts panel of polytheist artists on October 28, 2021. It is a great honor for me to have my work profiled on the announcement materials for this significant event, and also to have my icons featured in a virtual art gallery together with works by esteemed peers in the sacred arts community.

This event is a voice for polytheism as a vibrant and pluralistic framework for engaging the Gods today, a powerful expression of humankind's oldest continuous religious experience embodied in indigenous traditions and Western revivals. It is through the vehicle of the sacred arts that polytheistic traditions express the faces of the Gods within a material structure identifiable to each culture, and it is through art that polytheists today are connecting and reconnecting with their diverse traditions. My personal hope in making a contribution to the conference is that I will be able to communicate the living presences of the Gods through my vocation as an iconographer, and in so doing touch viewers with the ever-present powers of the Gods in our midst.


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