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Marigolds For Ganesha/ I Offer At the Table of the Air

Ganapati shows me the sun in the dead of night; He comes as Varaprada with shimmering boons in His hands, being the light of high noon when darkness abounds; but He devours the night hours like sweetmeats, and His joy is a sound that leaps through the shadows. Varaganapati, whose hands accomplish all charitable works; your kindness is the sun illuminating my midnight sky, when you come to make a bonfire of the ills at my feet.

See what I offer at the table of the earth, illumined by the torch of the Lord who ignites wisdom; Buddhividhata of the most cherished knowledge, whose inspiration pervades all worlds with dharma; ignorance and illusion being severed by His axe, and suffering giving way to the cause of liberation. I call on You when I am tied to my miseries, and You, O Vighnahara, leap with light to consume them.

Ganesha gives me a gift in my hour of despair; He shows me my heart rising after I have fallen, revealing a sun-ripened sweet swelling with the sky; it is the pleasure of Lambodara that makes my heart grow, which fills the empty sky like that full belly of His; and in my despair I find an elephant growing there, whose belly holds the sorrows of the world in its keep; the fullness of Vigneshwara grants my heart its airy feet.

See what I offer at the table of the sky, swirling with the dance of the Lord who knows all; Vinayaka beneath whose feet the demons fall, who by His sweeping trunk causes the worlds to stir; Vikata of fearsome size and celestial action, riding His peacock above the clouds of His foes. By my hands I give praise to Vishwaraja of eternal rule, who dances with the dharma ever-present in His deeds.

Ganapati shows me the moon in the dead of night; He comes as Bhalchandra with a perfect crescent at His brow, being the guiding hands of moonbeams as stars abound; He makes my earthly feet aspire to celestial paths, while His knowledge holds these stars by which my eyes are led. Ganadhyakshina, whose hands accomplish all heavenly acts; your mastery is the glint of stars steering my midnight sky, when you come to lift my heart to that brow where wisdom rises.

See what I offer at the table of the air, swept clean by the trunk of the Lord who removes obstacles; Varaganapati who gives boons freely from abundant hands, whose compassion heals the ills of the world at His feet; dancing with the joy He inspires like sweetmeats, while holding the cares of the earth in skillful arms. A garland of marigolds lifts my heart to the sky, where Ganesha receives it with His many and loving hands.

All text copyright © 2016 Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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