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King of the Wind Demons

All praise to You Pazuzu Son of Hanbi,

King of Wind Demons, the victorious,

Great Lord, bringing with Him the shuddering of the dark sky, fill for me the heavens with glorious strength! Receive my prayer; stretch its fury through the sky with the lightning of Your divine hand. Bring my enemies to justice, but bring no harm to my house or those dwelling within its grace. Lord of demons whose fury knows the boundaries of the four directions, grant unto me the shield of Your glory, and may my prayers be exalted by the Great Gods of the skies!

O Pazuzu, Son of Hanbi, terrible and feared,

all praise to You, when in Your valor You

appear in the south!

The earth quakes in Your footsteps,

the winds obey Your commands;

hearts shudder, awe overtakes the world!

O Pazuzu, come forth to protect, not to harm.

Receive this offering of my heart,

and may my home be protected from all

sources of harm.

Raise your mighty right arm,

encircle the boundaries of my dwelling,

drive back my enemies,

safeguard all that I love.

O Pazuzu, You are the most terrible

Son of Hanbi, Whom the Gods-

even in their greatness- fear above all.

No injustice escapes Your wrath,

which is great,

but so too is Your mercy great,

which shapes mountains and wind

to accomplish its will!

Praise to You, O Pazuzu the Great!

Come to do good, never ill.

Come to help, and never to harm.

Come to bless, and never to curse me.

May the earth receive Your mighty feet,

and the winds obey the holy touch of

Your divine hand!

-Prayer of Invocation to Pazuzu by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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