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Invocation to Aset Great of Magic

Great Mother Aset, I receive the milk of Your heavenly breast;

The grace of the Sun reborn in the East,

The doors of heaven thrown open

For the passage of my feet.

I am Your child, O Goddess of the Gods,

Mother of the Hawk Who encircles

The two horizons.

I am suckled by You, reared through

Your greatness, as was the Lord of the Sky

When He appeared with dappled plumage

From Your womb.

I take the magic of Your breast,

Nurse from the enchantments springing

Forth from Your loins;

This is the gap from which the sun is reborn,

And I am hailed as its face in the dawn

Between Your thighs.

O Goddess, the two horizons of the sky

Become Your diadems!

Aset Great of Magic, You are the Mother

Of the God, and of all the primordial Gods

Who came into being through You.

Homage to You O Aset Weret Hekau.

Your magic is my magic,

And through You have I come forth again

As ruler of the celestial dawn.

- Invocation to Aset Great of Magic by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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