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Isis Embraces All

NOTE: This feature was posted on the original Icons of Kemet Blogger blog on Sunday, December 28, 2014.

My ordination by the Rt. Hon. Lady Olivia Robertson

On October 13, 2002 I was ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson as a Priest of the Goddess Isis in the International Fellowship of Isis, the largest community of Goddess adorers in the world.

The Fellowship of Isis is a multicultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic family spanning the globe, consecrated to living the ideals of the Goddess in today's world. We follow no dogma or authoritative text. Dogma constrains the conscience of the individual, and authoritative texts strangle the human longing for freedom.

It is by developing our psychic gifts, intuition, devotion and wisdom of the Sacred that we come closest to our pure selves, and it is within this purity that the Goddess Isis speaks clearly as the Universal Mother. She includes, never excludes. She embraces, never shuns. She reaches out Her hand to take our sorrows and bring us together into wholeness.

What if one day each member of the human family awoke to find that there were no longer boundaries separating us as dwellers on the same planet? What if gender dissolved? What if sexual orientation no longer acted as a barrier to the joy of love and sexual passion? What if race no longer inflamed hatred, but instead became an embodiment of the diversity of the human condition? What if being human no longer separated us from animals, trees, birds...the waters? What if we could gather up our joy, pleasure and existence and share it freely with others?

These are the treasures I have found in the Goddess, and though I cannot claim to be spiritually enlightened or self-realized, I have found within my heart a place where being human is a cause for the greatest gratitude and love. The Sacred and the "mundane" are two sides of the same mirror.

When we look into the mirror and we see a good person, then we are seeing God, Goddess, Enlightenment, Salvation. Here I am being Consecrated by Lady Olivia Robertson beneath a 500 year old tree, a tree embodying the generations of the human race who have come together to celebrate the Sacredness of this Mystery we call life.


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